ProductLayerSDK 0.2.0

The API version has been moved to version 0.2 and the iOS SDK has moved in lock-step to match the new features. This release adds three standard view controllers to the SDK so that you don’t have to code your own login to ProductLayer.

The major new addition on the API side is support for Opines. Think of these as short bursts of emotion that users can state about specific products. Much like a tweet but attached to a concrete product. We expect that Opines will become the main piece of user-generated content where you can learn about your friends’ opinions and favorite products.



  • ADDED: Account Manager – The account manager stores your account into the keychain and provides an auto-login when the app starts.
  • ADDED: PLYOpine
  • ADDED: Superclass PLYVoteableEntity for all votable entities (PLYProduct, PLYReview, PLYOpine, PLYImage)
  • ADDED: Standard UI for login, signup and lost password


  • UPDATED: To API v0.2
  • ADDED: Timelines (Global, User, Product)
  • ADDED: Search for Opines
  • ADDED: Create an opine
  • ADDED: Vote PLYVotableEntity (Products, Images, Reviews, Opines)
  • CHANGED: Image from the API


  • ADDED: Show all opines
  • ADDED: Show opines from user
  • ADDED: Show opines for product
  • FIXED: Login problems

To trigger a login, all you need is to instantiate a PLYLoginViewController and present this. The rest is taken care for you.

PLYLoginViewController *login = [[PLYLoginViewController alloc] init];
UINavigationController *navController = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:login];
[self.window.rootViewController presentViewController:navController animated:YES completion:NULL];

This shows a login dialog from where the user can also request a password reset or sign up a new account altogether.

0.2 Login Screen

To request the global timeline for all users:

[[PLYServer sharedServer] timelineForAllUsersWithCount:100 completion:^(id result, NSError *error) {
   for (PLYEntity *entity in result)
      // do something with entity

As you can see, all timeline elements are PLYEntity subclasses. Look at the individual headers for the concrete properties of all the kinds of entities there are.

Because of the boatload of changes and improvements to API and SDK you need to update to the new SDK as soon as possible. We value your feedback and if you have some ideas for apps based on ProductLayer please get in touch. Or if you are interested in ProductLayer but are lacking a good idea for an app, just ask! We have tons of ideas but not nearly enough time to build all those apps.


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