ProductLayerSDK 0.3.0

We have been very busy since the previous release of ProductLayer 5 months ago. The main goal of this version is to publish API and SDK to a level where we could start developing a few of our own apps for

The SDK has also matured considerably to an extent so that it makes sense making it available via CocoaPod. This version is the first one that we can recommend for you to seriously try out in some of your own apps. In case you have no ideas, our Developer Evangelist has an ever growing list of apps for you to implement.



  • ADDED: Limit timeline and reviews by user’s friends
  • ADDED: Filter product searches by category
  • ADDED: Get reviews by a specific user
  • ADDED: Reviews can be modified
  • ADDED: Retrieve a list of recommended brands and brand owners by GTIN
  • ADDED: Server-side localisation support
  • ADDED: Category services
  • ADDED: Update or delete an user’s avatar image
  • ADDED: Report a user for misdemeanours.
  • ADDED: Product image meta information
  • CHANGED: Remove localisation from brands and brand owners
  • CHANGED: Instead of locale identifiers (e.g. ‘en_US’) we now use language codes (e.g. ‘en’) throughout


  • ADDED: Barcode scanner optimized for scanning GTINs
  • ADDED: Opine composer sheet
  • ADDED: Customisable text input view with validation
  • ADDED: SDK Documentation with appledoc
  • ADDED: The first few unit tests and continuous integration on Travis-CI and Coveralls.
  • ADDED: Support for OS X (without UI)
  • FIXED: Way more bug fixes, clean-up and improvements than could be listed here

The update is tagged on GitHub as well as available via CocoaPods.

We have been working on an internal app for quickly adding products and opines to our database, email us if you want to try it out via Apple TestFlight.

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