ProductLayerSDK 0.4.0

The main goal of the 0.4 API and SDK were to mature to a degree where we can base a first-party client on it. Since we submitted the iOS app to Apple for approval, now is also a good time to release the next iteration of the API/SDK.

The main changes are:


  • ADDED: Include posts of friends in user’s timeline
  • ADDED: Ability to request the timeline of another user
  • ADDED: Language parameter to list services to return best matching product inline of list items
  • ADDED: Ability to search for products by brands and brand owners
  • ADDED: Parameter for sorting follower and following users
  • ADDED: New function to get a product by GTIN, specifying a language or “auto” for best matching result
  • ADDED: Ability to get a user’s lists for a specific type
  • ADDED: Function to rotate an image
  • ADDED: Function for retrieving an image’s metadata
  • ADDED: Function to login via external social network (i.e. Twitter and Facebook)
  • ADDED: Function to connect an OAuth account to an existing account
  • ADDED: Functions to get a user’s up voted, down voted products, points, points history, number of up voted or down voted products and top scorers
  • CHANGED: Authentication changed to use bearer token


  • FIXED: JAVA timestamp value was incorrectly deserialized
  • FIXED: [Opine Composer] A crash might occur when pasting text from pasteboard
  • FIXED: Many small bugs 🙂
  • ADDED: Sign in with Twitter or Facebook in addition to ProductLayer username/password
  • ADDED: View controller for editing product title, brand, brand owner and category
  • ADDED: View controllers for picking brands and brand owners
  • ADDED: [Opine Composer] Show remaining character count
  • ADDED: [Opine Composer] Ability to attach current location
  • ADDED: [Opine Composer] Ability to cross-post opine to Twitter and Facebook
  • ADDED: [Opine Composer] Ability to attach pictures to opine
  • ADDED: Function PLYIsValidGTIN to validating a GTIN
  • ADDED: Function PLYGTINIsValidGlobally for determining if GTIN is valid globally
  • ADDED: [Scanner] Support GS1-128 for scanned GTINs
  • ADDED: Support for buyLinks in PLYProduct
  • ADDED: DE localization for iOS UI components
  • ADDED: Timeline for arbitrary users
  • ADDED: Accept-Language header for letting server select best result language
  • ADDED: Caching of most PLYEntities
  • ADDED: Implemented sending of problem reports for users, images, products and opines
  • ADDED: Opines and list items now feature inline products for speedier display
  • CHANGED: Replaced username/password with auth token for session login
  • CHANGED: When updating entities some read-only properties are now being removed for sending
  • CHANGED: Improve and simplify voting methods
  • CHANGED: Improve and simplify product search method
  • CHANGED: Renamed several methods and simplified parameters in options dictionary

Improved opine composerThe most important area of improvements revolves around making it easier for users to sign up and in and staying logged in. Now users have a choice of logging in via username/password or by using existing Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. This reduces the hurdles needed for users to add their content to product layer: manage their lists, write opines, add photos and infos to products.

The app serves as our initial proof of concept for ProductLayer. The use case is one that we have often encountered ourselves: you are testing a new product and you want to share your opinion with your friends on various social networks. With two caveats: 1) you don’t want to have to manually post your statement in every social network and 2) you want your opinion to stay linked to the product and findable by other people at a later date.

If you link your Facebook and Twitter account with your account then you can achieve both missions. If you scan a product, add an opine you can enable automatic-crossposting to the other networks. Et voila: Write once, read many!

Having a real life public app does wonders for hammering out the kinks in your API design. It has now progressed to a level where we can even more easily invite other developers to start building their own apps on top of it. You can use exactly the same UI for logging in and composing opines from within your app as we are using, because it is part of the SDK.

We would like to see apps for managing your books, DVDs/Blurays, video games, food and everything else that has a product barcode on the box. We built the ability to save and update a variety of lists right into ProductLayer. How about a wish list app? A shopping list app? An app where you keep track of items you have borrowed from somebody or lent to somebody?

Now is the time to get cracking. The platform is mature enough to support your app ideas and – best of all – it is free and will remain so for the foreseeable future…. unlike other competitors who are asking you to pay for product infos.

The SDK update is available via Cocoapods and also tagged on GitHub.

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