app 1.0.2

The first hot fix release for had only a few minor fixes. This second one not only fixes quite a few bugs more, it also adds some improvements.


  • Animate a break in the ring of the pie progress indicator while progress is at 0%
  • Show message instead of GTIN for opine and product cells in timeline
  • Message asking user to supply details if product is unknown
  • Show product barcode for unknown products, before images are loaded or if there is no internet connection
  • Open iTunes in-app view for iTunes links in opines
  • Show actions to add photo when tapping on empty/barcode image box

Bug Fixes

  • First image added to product would not update product image thumbnail
  • A product name equal to the GTIN should be treated as if no product name was present, i.e. show “please help” message
  • Only open http, https and prodly schemes in internal browser, others (like mailto:) should be opened in external apps
  • Edit button on lists view briefly enabled even though user has no lists
  • If a user has no lists the Edit button should be disabled
  • URLs in opines without an URL scheme would not be recognized
  • Search was broken
  • Timeline tries to load product default images with incorrect parameters
  • An image that is no longer available on the server should not cause a cached image to disappear
  • Missing DE localization for error message when failing to load timeline or lists
  • Scanned UPC-E barcodes now get properly expanded to UPC-A
  • Giving a name to an unnamed product might not update product view
  • Autorotation in Login VC, only support Portrait due to the Twitter and FB buttons at the bottom
  • Double URL encoding for product query method, not finding anything when searching for multiple words
  • Missing German localization on Search tab
  • Loading a page in in-app browser might fail silently, now an error panel is shown

The improvements should make it more clear to users that they can help out us and other users by adding a few details about products that they are the first ones to encounter. The update is available on the app store.

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