ProductLayer Incorporates

On April 1st, 2015, the ProductLayer founding fathers convened at a notary to sign the incorporation papers for ProductLayer GmbH.

What began as an idea of Oliver Drobnik became a serious when second team member René Swoboda started full-time development on the ProductLayer backend in Spring 2014. Both were joined by Roland Moser as CEO, who is bringing extensive startup experience to the group. Oliver Drobnik developed the iOS SDK and iOS app and took on the role of Developer Evangelist to convince developers to build on the ProductLayer platform.

Sorely missing from the palette of skills was someone to take on development of a Java-SDK and official Android app. This expertise will be provided by Werner Bayer, who joined the founder’s circle most recently.

ProductLayer Incorporation

The founders holding the incorporation papers, left to right: Werner, René, Roland and Oliver

Incorporation as a business entity marks an important milestone for the founders, since now their efforts move from the personal “hobby” sphere into the professional realm of an business entity.

Developer Evangelist Oliver Drobnik posted this fake press release as an April Fools joke on his development blog. Andy Dent commented on Twitter:

Somewhere in Silicon Valley, someone reading @Cocoanetics is going “Oh No, now we will never be taken seriously”

Like with every good April Fool’s joke the kernel of truth in this is that users are what makes or breaks a social network like The more people amongst your friends are on, the more valuable your timeline will be for you because you will learn more about fascinating products and your friend’s experiences with them.

We created this system to allow users to comment about physical everyday products and share these “opines” with their social networks. This allows other people to form an opinion about products they are considering to buy as well as surfacing of interesting products that might be of interest to the users.

The official iOS app is available in the fourth version on the app store, the official Android app is to follow in Summer 2015. You can also interact with via the official web site.



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