Up until the previous version of the app, people had to sign in to be able to look around. This turned out to be a major hurdle for many users who would have liked to try out but were turned off by seeing a login screen as soon as they launched the app.

As of this new version you no longer have to log in or sign up to browse the global timeline or search for products and reading other people’s opines. The other changes are mostly invisible to regular users: with the help of a friendly Apple engineer we fixed a few accessibility issues.

This version of is based on the 0.4.2 SDK which we have also just released.

Bug Fixes

  • Editing products with 3rd Party Keyboards might cause the updates to be rejected
  • Tabs should have accessibility titles and a few other accessibility improvements

New Features

  • Better launch screen to fit with UI
  • Login now optional. The first user action requiring authentication now triggers display of the login/signup screen
  • Dismiss keyboard on Login screen when tapping outside text fields

We were able – for the first time – to add multiple screen shots of all the most important views of the app of all form factors and both supported languages. Also, the preview video is back, after we convinced Apple that the part that is showing the scanning of a product barcode is indeed an integral part of our app.

It is our hope that by removing all these stumbling blocks we can convince at lot more users to give a try. Download the app right now and look around!


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