This update for the app deepens the integration between the app, the website and the operating system. Best of all, it already previews an iOS 9 feature: universal app links.

Bug Fixes

  • Opening of product URL from web with language tag not working
  • Products missing some information could lead to problems with UI

New Features

  • Shared Web Credentials: you can share your login between app and web site
  • Continuity: continue browsing a product or a search on different devices, or Safari if the app is not installed
  • Support for direct links when supported by the OS

Beginning with this update you can start browsing a product on your iPhone and then switch to your iPad and continue from where you left off. You can do so even if the is not installed on the second device, because then you simply continue in Safari. And vice versa: you can view a product in Mobile Safari and then switch to the mobile client on your phone. Apple calls this feature Continuity. We call it awesome.

While we were at it, we also implemented Shared Web Credentials. If you have a saved username and password for the website¬†you now get prompted to select it, when you log it. If you don’t, and if you log into the app the password will be added to your iCloud keychain, so that you can log into the website in Safari without having to remember your password.

Finally, there is a feature that is only available as of iOS 9: Universal App Links. The app claims the domain. So all links into the website are now being opened within the app, which is a much better native experience on your iPhone. We are able to support this already because it does not depend on the SDK version which the app was build with.

The update is available on the app store.


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