ProductLayer SDK 0.4.3

This is the final 0.4 release of the ProductLayer SDK. Those supported the app until version 1.3. Next we will be updating to using the 0.5 SDK version.


  • FIXED: incorrect resource bundle path when using SDK in Podfile using frameworks
  • FIXED: Crash when entity has empty createdBY field
  • ADDED: Refresh products if user uploads an image for them
  • ADDED: Support for shared web credential: let user pick pick from saved password, add shared password on successful login
  • ADDED: Methods for rotating and deleting product images
  • ADDED: Method for getting a category path for a category key
  • CHANGED: Request list of categories with “auto” language
  • CHANGED: Handling of categories so that we can get a localized category path string easily

You might wonder why there are items marked as added or changed while this is only a fix version number update. The reason is that those things were already supported by the server-side and the iOS SDK needed to support it as well.

The updated iOS SDK is available via GitHub release or Cocoapods.

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