This bug fix release for also contains a few changes to the user experience, in particular how experience progress is being displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • Crashes on iPad when clicking on Shopping button, profile edit button, or user list accessory button
  • Timeline user avatar would grow if you rotate device while viewing a product
  • Some images could not be zoomed in full-screen view
  • Photo viewer paging snapped back uncomforably on short swipes
  • Crash when tapping on hash product link in opine

New Features

  • Achievements view accessible from user profile
  • A new level system replaces the points score display
  • Images are now decompressed more efficiently, causing UI to be more fluid
  • Downloading of images now automatically adjusts to your Internet connection

Besides several crashes that would occur on iPad – sorry for not testing enough – the performance improvements should be quite noticeable in particular while scrolling the timeline.

For a year now, users were collecting points as a reward for various activities on You would get like 1 point for a vote, and up to 40 for posting a picture. Over time some users amassed tens of thousands of points, making it much less intuitive to compare yourself against your friend’s progress.

This is why we changed the user-facing display of the progress to levels + level progress.

New Progress Indicator

The higher your level gets the longer the number of points to get to the next level. You see the new progress indicator on your profile as well as the list of friends. This  makes it much easier to gauge another user’s experience than 5-digit numbers.

Friends List with new Progress

The other big piece that was missing from the overall product so far was a way to see the achievements that have been awarded to users. Ever since version 1.4, users would be reaping achievements for a variety of counted milestones, but the achievements link from the profile would not do anything.

We finally got around to changing that. Here’s the achievements view of somebody who has most of the currently existing achievements.

Achievements View

We plan to have many more exciting achievements and also have a popup when you actually achieve them. Right now you gain levels and achievements, but only notice them if you look at your profile. But at least you do see them.

The new version is available on the app store.

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