This new release of our app packs new features related to achievements and many bug fixes, in particular restoring iOS 8 compatibility.

New Features

  • New pop up for new achievements and when you reach a new level
  • Removed limit on length of Opine
  • Pasting product URL into Opine replaces it with GTIN hash
  • Change your password inside app, from reset email

Bug Fixes

  • Deep links from Facebook would only open app but not go to product
  • Various performance improvements related to image loading, especially of avatars
  • Camera would not show in full screen, causing problems on iPhone 6+ and iPad
  • App might cause springboard crash trying to view large images in full screen view (especially on iPhone 6+)
  • Product images might sometimes be missing in timeline
  • Unable to change users via user selection
  • Various iOS 8 compatibility issues

The previous version already had the functionality to show you achievements you have reached so far. Now you get a fancy animated popup when you unlock a new achievements or reach a new XP level. We are looking for good ideas for unique and fun achievements. Send us your ideas if you have any.

Achievement unlocked!

A while ago we decided that we wanted to simplify posting your opinion about products you like on Originally we had envisioned that people would want to write short statements akin to Tweets in the spur of the moment and longer reviews on the website. This version unifies those, by removing the previous 140-character limit.

The most noticeable improvements relate to loading and display of images. You should notice that scrolling is much smoother in this version than previously, due to a great deal of performance tweaks our development team has implemented.

The new version is available on the app store.

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