ProductLayer Indexes 4 Million Products

ProductLayer was founded to supply product information to businesses and apps, based on scanned barcodes. The core idea was that your users could conveniently identify products by scanning the UPC on product packaging and we supply some core information: a title, a short description, category information, product photos and sometimes even more detailed product characteristics.

Today, we announce that we have indexed 4 Million products for our database.

We have recently consolidated our servers and insured funding for the next year, to allow the good growth of our database to continue into the foreseeable future. In 2015, we gained 360k new products. In 2016, we accelerated indexing to 2 million per year.

ProductLayer Products in DB

We learned the hard way that good product information – which you are allowed to use in your apps – is hard to collect or come by. We had hoped that product lovers would flock to to share their opinions about specific products. Unfortunately – to this day – you will find mostly us founders and our family doing so.

We invite you to try out the ProductLayer API, we have flavours for Android, Java and iOS. In the least, have a look at the sweet app on iOS or Android. Share a few stories about your favorite products too!

There are so many great things we could do with the amount of product information and photos we are collecting. Like, for example, train a neural network to understand and categorize new product as they are encountered. We already have some machine intelligence suggest brand names and categories based on barcodes. It would be awesome to to much more with this data in the future.

For these and other sexy use cases, we are looking for an investor who would be interested in acquiring a stake in ProductLayer and bring an AI angle to the whole endeavor. We would love to hear from you.

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