ProductLayer Post Mortem

In the beginning, there was an idea: To provide a web service for app developers that would let them get basic product information – like a title and category – for a product which they only have a bar code for. I imagined that this could be the basis for a plethora of niche apps, […]

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ProductLayer Indexes 4 Million Products

ProductLayer was founded to supply product information to businesses and apps, based on scanned barcodes. The core idea was that your users could conveniently identify products by scanning the UPC on product packaging and we supply some core information: a title, a short description, category information, product photos and sometimes even more detailed product characteristics. […]

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Following the re-opening of Apple’s App Review queue, we submitted version 1.5.0 of for iOS. The main focus for this version was to implement push notification support and improve search.

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Release of for Android

For immediate release Release of for Android Vienna, Austria – On Dec 13rd, ProductLayer GmbH released the Android version of after 8 months of intense product development. for Android had been the missing piece in the product strategy. It now joins the previously existing web and iOS clients, to allow users to share […]

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