This new release of our app packs new features related to achievements and many bug fixes, in particular restoring iOS 8 compatibility.

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This bug fix release for also contains a few changes to the user experience, in particular how experience progress is being displayed.

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This new version of the iOS app marks the most significant UI upgrade this year. Besides that it is chock-full of small improvements that make it more fun ranting about or praising your favorite products.

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ProductLayer SDK 0.4.3

This is the final 0.4 release of the ProductLayer SDK. Those supported the app until version 1.3. Next we will be updating to using the 0.5 SDK version.

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This new iteration of the iOS app brings a ton of improvements. I had forgotten to announce 1.3.0 separately, so I am doing it for this and 1.3.1 at the same time. is the place where people talk about products. We’d love you to chime in!

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