This update for the app deepens the integration between the app, the website and the operating system. Best of all, it already previews an iOS 9 feature: universal app links.

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This maintenance update for the client app improves the experience for people who want to try out without having to log in.

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Up until the previous version of the app, people had to sign in to be able to look around. This turned out to be a major hurdle for many users who would have liked to try out but were turned off by seeing a login screen as soon as they launched the app.

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ProductLayer SDK 0.4.2

Since the prior SDK release, we have worked on refining the functionality used by the iOS app. In particular, we wanted to allow users to browse the global timeline and search for products without having to be logged in.

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This minor version bump to fixes a pressing crash issue and adds a new new profile screen for managing your social network connections.

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ProductLayer SDK 0.4.1

Hot on the heels of 1.0 we are releasing a hot fix release for the ProductLayer SDK to deal with some minor issues that have arisen since the 0.4.0 release.

Read More ... app 1.0.3 is our app and social network that lets you share your opinions about everyday products with your friends. This maintenance release for the official app fixes a few minor issues.

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The first hot fix release for had only a few minor fixes. This second one not only fixes quite a few bugs more, it also adds some improvements.

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