and we are happy to do it!

prod.ly iOS App

This is a mobile social network client similar to Twitter for our user-facing prod.ly website.

Share your opinions about products you encounter every day on prod.ly, the new social network around products.

The prod.ly app lets you scan product barcodes, add your short opinions about the products and share these with your friends. To tell even more powerful stories you can attach “in action” photos for your favourite product interactions.

You can also make lists of products either for yourself or for sharing with your friends: wish lists, shopping lists, things you want to sell, things you have borrowed or lent. You learn new things about the people close to you and their tastes.

Creation of a new account on prod.ly is required, you can use your Twitter or Facebook account to sign up and log in.


Free productlayer API

We provide a free REST-API for all kind product information. If you want to develop a product centric application just register a developer account at api.productlayer.com and start developing.

If you need support, don’t hesitate to contact us:

The API provides:

  • Product Details
  • Reviews
  • Opines
  • Images
  • User management
  • Product Lists

Open source iOS SDK & demo application

To make the start for you as easy as possible we provide an open source iOS SDK and a demo application.

  • Product search
  • Create products
  • Edit products
  • Upload images
  • Create review
  • Manage product lists

Available at GitHub